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TVR 12/24/22: CMU Center for Transformational Play and WGL Energy

Interview by Jonathan Kersting


TechVibe Radio WGL Energy Center for Transformational PlayWith the Holiday Season in full swing, TechVibe Radio will broadcast this Saturday (12/24) at 8:30 AM in stead of its usual Sunday time!

We have a special guest joining TechVibe as we welcome Jessica Hammer of Carnegie Mellon's Center for Transformational Play.

?To create a home for transformational games and to strengthen Carnegie Mellon University's research and development of them, the School of Computer Science launched the Center for Transformational Play last month. Jessica will detail how the research center will invite collaborations with faculty, students and staff from across the university.

Plus, WGL Energy is stopping by the show to detail how it will offer gas service to businesses and residents in the Pittsburgh region starting in 2023.