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TechVibe Talks to Highmark Health and Logos-E

Interview by Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting


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If there is a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it would have to be the accelerated adoption of telehealth technologies to bring quality health care to more people. TechVibe talks to Highmark Health's Laura Messineo to discuss key uses and trends in telelhealth.

Logos-E Founder Carole Sumner Krechman is apt to go down in history as the oldest woman to receive a technology. At 80 years young, learn how her patent creates a foundational change in how we communicate, delivering video to any cell phone on demand.


Up next, Audrey, I think we have one of the most dynamic women in technology hanging out with us on tech fiber. Yeah, we got to pack it in, we got to hurry up. We got her on the air.

This is gonna take some creative interviewing on our behalf Audrey, because Carol Krechman, who runs Logos-E has done some amazing stuff over the course of her technology career. And one of the most recent accomplishments is she actually received a patent a really, really cool patent that I think really transformed the way we're able to download video onto our phones. I mean, imagine not having to have broadband, in order to download video onto your phone. It opens up possibilities. Really? Yes, absolutely. So I'm really excited to welcome Cal kretschmann to tech five radio today, Carol, thanks for taking the time, and calling in all the way from California to talk to us about all the numbers in your viewer doing with logos. He said Welcome to the show.

Oh, thank you again, john them. And Audrey, it's been a pleasure working with you guys, I think a couple of years. Pittsburgh Technology Council, I really like. So the exciting part about getting the patent is it's not a design patent. It isn't a you know, just a thing thing that you made. And it looks different than something else. We actually fought off nine other companies who said they had something similar. And it's in the faceplate of the of the patent. And it is amazing that we really do have technology that can reach anywhere on anybody's smartphone. So say that you're in the health field, I mean, this is the most important thing we're going to talk about health, health is just a world problem. And we're dealing with every age level with this health issue. You know, we focused on this film festival that I do for my charity. So that got storytelling, you know, people were able to tell their stories about how they feel a death around them and all that. But we really want to be an educational tool. So the platform is an educational landing strip sort of for other apps, in weather. So So if there was a needs, let's say in California, at the Eisenhower hospital, in the Rancho Mirage area where I live, they have 500 dead hospital. They were already engaged logo C to create video to create a program for calmness and, and careness and kindness for their staff, who is totally overwhelmed because of COVID. Right, so that on their iPhone, in through our platform would be like a TV Guide. And that would lead them to some meditation videos at something that other people would make or they would do themselves. We had some ideas about having some sort of like scripting about a situation you've come in, okay, these people are unfortunately their father died. How do you deal with it? What's the way that you talk? You know, these little videos could be made in schools and nursing school, so and then put on Platt for so healthcare is extremely important to us. And even internationally. My charity was, is working with the Rockefeller Foundation in Nairobi. And what is their interest right now for that, right that area is learning to train midwives. So think about how you can train people to do jobs that they have never done before using a video that they can see over and over again. But that video doesn't stay in your phone. It goes right back to the cloud when you stop looking at it because we didn't want anybody to be able to hack. So your phone is never ever dilated. We don't have very much. We don't take up very much space is what I'm, you know, it's like the old days when I started in tech called the thin client.

Yes. Okay. Yes. And it was the compression that we created that took the rich media and made it look like zeros and ones. And I'm sure that people that listen to this radio understand the technology to that degree. And then we were so fortunate to be involved with zebra for the beginning of the of the testing, because they just bought Motorola Solutions. And with it, they got the Watson lab, right, they didn't know what to do with it, because they had just gotten it. They were barcode printing people, and now they bought this hardware company. And we were looking for someplace to take our software platform and test it in real life. And so together, we made a deal. I mean, they they crashed ourselves that platform 100 times, I believe it's over and over again, you know, and, and, of course, most of the back end at that time, because this was four years ago, was on an India. So my life was kind of interesting that you know, I was up from midnight to four, and then I was up from being like 10 till midnight shift was four hours. But I really have to thank the zebra folks because without their testing, and we've been validated on every single one of their devices that are honest to Honeywell.

So if people want to know more, where is there a website, is there a link for them to go out there very robust website called logos hyphen, That's the name of our company. It's an homage to God and Einstein. But that's another story. And then very soon, Ingram micros, new acquisition called Cloud blue will have us live on that, on that am platform on our website for a two week trial for anybody can download. And then if they want to continue, we charge a rare SAS model, we charge for the license every year, the bigger you are, the bigger your the license fee is. And then we charge per person who uses it. And the bigger you are, the less that we charge for the people. The small ones get you know, $8 per person per month and the and it goes all the way down to two and a half.

Who is your target? Who's your target audience to purchase this?

Well, in the healthcare field that is in our hospital as 400 employees. That's a small hospital, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has 85,000 employees in Dr. Urban and I've been talking Johnson and Johnson has 147,000 employees worldwide. And, and our platform translates everything into seven six languages, the UN, like all the UN languages plus Japanese, and anything you want, we can charge you up charge, but we can make that happen. So it's in the linnaean Farsi or in languages that we wouldn't have. If we added Japanese because we get a lot of Japanese kids from for the film festival. So that's how you do it. I mean, you just come to our website, click on the pictures, look at the little videos that we've made. Explain. They're called explainers that explain what we can do for you. And anything, any education, any communication that you want to have with your employees, either one or all of them, because you can select it that can be handled by one person in the human resource office. And that means that slip and falls can be done by just people looking at videos. And we have a dashboard, we'll let that person in their office know that everybody but 17 people didn't look at it. So now she doesn't have to send out 100 emails, she can send out a team, right? So the compliance pieces big, the learning pieces, big the access pieces big and all during a period of COVID where there's been rapid digitization should be we should be seeing more acceleration of your work. Well, we didn't really haven't gotten to market we've made a contract with Ingram micro this summer we made a contract with Honeywell isn't as a reseller of their product, we get to sell we get a silver bandwidth, so we have a lot of money that we can play with and then I found on their portal, that we could that they have a lot of close outs. And I bet every single manufacturer of Android devices has close outs you know when they change something, they have 10 left or 1000 left they don't have a salesman on it. So I've been talking to Honeywell through the Ingram micro a salesperson, I said, Give me a price, angry my belly fat, the money, maybe we could buy 10 cents on the dollar, put our platform on it, sell it to the school, charge the school's 50 cents a month per user, or, you know, this is that we have three paths, we're going one of those people who already have Android devices like Honeywell, and zebra. The second one is all the 20 companies that manufacture Android devices around the world like Samsung and galaxy, and ZTE, and all of them. And the third path is for the underserved. Because we're so inexpensive to operate. Because, you know, we don't really have a very large footprint in the cloud. Interesting, right?

That I sell that hardware, that three of 800, whatever you cost $800, you know, Honeywell, and the rugged stuff, maybe buy for 10, all of it, you know, every single one, I get it out of your, your, your where your story, and we'll take it we'll put the platform on. And you know, we'll do that scansource we'll do it because David thinks what we have is incredible. He said I'll also also, you know, put it in and put some instructions, so we could get it out to the schools and the kids that don't have any broadband or any computers at home. All of a sudden they have their own device that they can carry with them. Start it at that point. Absolutely. This is such fantastic technology. In fact, it took you so long to defend that patent with with nine, nine other competitors saying they had, they had to celebrate it all when you receive the patent, my husband died too long, or that? Oh, you know, it's COVID and my kids are scattered across the globe. Not the globe, but the country, you know, from New York to Chicago to Portland, whatever.

Well, we are proud of you. And thank you for sharing it with us we will make sure that people hear about this and if anyone's listening and wants to check it out. do so because there's probably a zillion ways to leverage this technology.

I love it. Great story, Carol. Yeah, given the time to talk to us today with tech vibe. Definitely awesome stuff. That's for sure. Dude, we're taking a quick break and we are coming back with more tech vibe radio more great stories like Carol's coming right atcha This is Jonathan Kersting.

And this is Audrey Russo.

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