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TechVibe Radio: Barbara VanKirk of IQ Inc.

Interview by Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting


IQ Inc. Founder Barbara VanKirk stops by TechVibe Radio to detail the company's new investment in MIDAS Healthcare Solutions Inc., a developer of technology-driven solutions to promote the safe use, handling, storage, return, and disposal of controlled substances and other dangerous medications in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The $1.19 million investment from IQ Inc. comes at a critical time when the healthcare industry is plagued by the diversion of opioids and other dangerous medications, enabling caregivers with substance use disorders to endanger themselves, their colleagues, and their patients, said VanKirk.

Often called "Healthcare's Hidden Epidemic," this multi-billion-dollar problem occurs in hospitals, surgery centers, and other locations where medications are dispensed and administered. Some reports estimate there are nearly 4,000 instances of opioid diversion each day.

MIDAS and IQ are collaborating to complete the development of the MIDAS V.I.E.W. (Verified Institutional Environment for Wasting) system to address multiple significant vulnerabilities in the handling, record keeping, and destruction of excess medications in hospitals, surgery centers, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities. This first-of-its-kind software-based visual accountability system will eliminate human error, prevent controlled substance mishandling and misappropriation, and avoid unreasonable reliance on the "honor system" for medication handling.