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One Mic Stand: ThoughtForm Reimagines Health Care Delivery

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

ThoughtFormAs one of Pittsburgh's top strategy and design consultancies for more than 40 years, ThoughtForm helps companies solve tough problems through compelling design.

ThoughtForm's Steve Frank and Katie Schmiedicker step up to the One Mic Stand for a deep dive exploration on how they helped University Hospitals in Cleveland reimagine a man's experience visiting a doctor because men just don’t like going to the doctor. And, this hesitance results in delayed diagnoses and treatments, which can bring serious consequences. ThoughtForm set out to change that!

Steve and Katie detail how ThoughtForm partnered with University Hospitals convening innovators, clinicians and patients to build a
visionary new experience together. The result is a healthcare delivery model that addresses men’s unique needs and invites them to be the leaders of their own health care journey.

Discover how from the moment a man enrolls in the UH Cutler Center for Men, he has access to team of health concierges who share the nickname “Joe.” Joe guides each man through healthcare’s hassles with a warm human touch, and acts as the gateway to a wide spectrum of services that extend beyond typical healthcare — including financial wellness, building and managing relationships, and integrative medicine. At the Center’s flagship clinic, men have the opportunity to meet a “Joe” in person — receiving concierge-level care far above what you might expect from a doctor visit.

Nor is the clinic’s lobby typical. It offers a range of waiting areas designed to meet varying needs and preferences: entertainment, contemplation or socialization. A “Cutler Bar” offers tech support for apps and wearables that help maintain engagement and wellbeing between doctor visits. As part of a plan for ongoing engagement, men who choose to become members of the Center can earn rewards and recognition for taking positive health steps.