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One Mic Stand: Ilya Brotzky of VanHack

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

VanHack One Mic Stand PodcastVanHack Founder Ilya Brotzky steps up to the One Mic Stand to tell his story of creating a different kind of talent recruitment platform.

VanHack is a global tech talent platform that helps employers quickly find and hire senior tech professionals from around the world. With a community of candidates who are ready to relocate or work remotely, VanHack provides a fast and cost-effective way to find top talent.

Employers can easily post job openings on VanHack's platform and access a pool of pre-screened, qualified candidates. VanHack's in-house global mobility experts also help with the visa and relocation process for new hires.

In addition to helping employers find top talent, VanHack also focuses on diversity and inclusion in tech.