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TEQ One Mic Stand: WGL Energy

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

WGL Energy

Clint Zediak, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and Larry DePompei, Senior Director Commercial & Green Initiatives, at WGL Energy stop by the One Mic Stand to give us more details on WGL Energy's entry into the Pittsburgh region in 2023.

WGL Energy will be of service to customers specifically in the utility areas of National Fuel Gas, Peoples Natural Gas and Peoples Gas Company, initially in the large commercial-industrial space.

Clint and Larry explain how this expansion is a big milestone for their growth. It’s also an extension of their deep roots in the Pittsburgh-area.

When it comes to customers reducing their carbon footprint, the duo explain how WGL Energy’s Energy Ecosystem offers alternative sources, RECs (renewable energy credits) and carbon offsets as part of its mission to assist businesses and individuals to meet or exceed their goals to lower emissions.

Listen to the podcast above to learn about WGL Energy's plans for the Pittsburgh region, and what they provide that competitors don't.