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Health Care Reinvented: Connecting with Docs Via Secure Mobile Messaging

Interview by Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting

Health Care Reinvented

Connecting to high quality health care can be as simple as sending a text message! 

Listen to the next episode of the Highmark & Allegheny Health Network’s Health Care Reinvented Podcast Series to learn how patients and doctors are able to communicate via secure mobile text messaging. 

Join Benjamin Edelshain, MD , Vice President, Clinical Engagement & Digital Innovation, and Lindsey Knight , Director Marketing Strategy, CRM & Member Engagement at Highmark Health to get the whole story on how this unique platform is building better patient-doctor connections for healthier outcomes. 

The platform was deployed at the height of COVID-19, immediately proving its effectiveness in a world where people could not easily meet with their doctors. Now it's part of an ever-growing ecosystem of engagement tools to ensure access to care.