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STEM Summit with Uber Advanced Technologies Center, Julie Derence, Software Engineer

2020 STEM Summit

Julie Derence is a Staff Software Engineer at Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Julie has been in the software engineering world for over 15 years working in a variety of technology areas. She has developed front end interfaces for military weapons programs, deployed in-line inspection equipment for glass manufacturing plants and programmed core interfaces within robots. Julie spent nine years with National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) and Carnegie Mellon University to develop core infrastructure used in Robotic applications. Her main focus was integration development for a fleet of Autonomous Haul Trucks in open pit mines. The Haul Trucks navigate the mine roads without human intervention and operate within the same area populated with manned vehicles and human personnel. This technology reduces the hazards associated with mining and raises production levels. With Uber, Julie is developing key infrastructure software to enhance automotive safety, intelligent traffic mapping, user experience, and autonomy technology. She is passionate about helping shape the future of mobility. Julie graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering. She resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. She is constantly striving to perfect her work life balance between raising her boys and pursuing a career in the fast paced engineering world. She actively participates in the Society of Women Engineers events, co-leads the Uber ATG Women Employee Resource Group, and encourages all women to continue to pursue science and technology careers.