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TEQ Hub: Meet the 2024 CIO of the Year Winners

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TEQhub April 20242024 CIO of the Year Awards!

Last night, nearly 600 people showed up at the Westin Pittsburgh to honor and celebrate some of the Pittsburgh region's most dynamic Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers and Tech Executives working at the highest level. The Pittsburgh Technology Council partners with the Greater Pittsburgh CIO Group every year to convene an evening of celebration, mindshare and camaraderie! Meet the winners and finalists and see how they have all leveled up their IT game.

Seize AI Opportunities with Big Thinking and a Bold Strategy

As the popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) surges, many organizations are eager to embrace the opportunity to infuse AI into their business to optimize processes, improve customer experiences and drive innovation. Others remain hesitant, having yet to identify areas of opportunity, fearing the challenges of navigating a largely unregulated environment and lack of transparency in data sources and outputs. CGI has some insights to guide you along the journey. 

New Economy Collaborative to Build Pittsburgh Robotics/Autonomy 

In the middle of Pittsburgh’s technology and innovation ecosystem lies The Southwestern Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative (NEC) – a visionary initiative that is redefining collaboration and driving innovation to grow the region's robotics and autonomy industry. The NEC is taking a unique approach to fostering workforce development and economic growth to help create new robotics companies, but also build and connect a local workforce to the new opportunities. With the global autonomy sector expected to surpass $1 trillion, building out the Pittsburgh region’s sector could provide significant economic impact. Jump into this On RAMP Magazine exclusive.

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BirdBrain's Team Takes Flight to Provide STEM Education to Kids EverywhereBirdBrain Technologies Helps Students Soar by Putting Fun into STEM Education

With its strong commitment to fostering creativity and curiosity in students, BirdBrain Technologies has taken flight as one of Pittsburgh’s foremost leaders in the STEM education industry. At the forefront of BirdBrain Technologies’ mission is the belief that every student deserves the opportunity to engage with the exciting world of STEM. Its signature Finch robot is designed to be user-friendly and versatile to unlock the potential of coding and robotics for students of all ages and skill levels. Through playful exploration and experimentation, learners can dive into the realms of coding, computer science, and engineering, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills along the way. Read the whole story behind BirdBrain.

Geek Out on This: Attack Time vs. Attack Surface

With growing interest in zero-trust architectures, reducing an attack surface has become synonymous with good security practices. In practice, reducing an attack surface is synonymous with reducing the complexity of infrastructures and systems and minimizing access rights individual accounts and users have at any given time. Although reducing a static attack surface is critical, another just as important practice is often neglected: reducing attack time. You know where to click to keep reading.

John Santore, Kratos DefenseStepping Up to the One Mic Stand: John Santore, Kratos Defense

John Santore steps up to the One Mic Stand to tell us Kratos' approach to guide customers through the compliance process every step of the way. With deep roots in Pittsburgh's tech ecosystem going back to the 1990s, John is an industry expert and knows a thing or two about scoring a boxing match. You gotta listen (or watch) to learn.

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