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40 Stories: Max Muzik of Sycor

This week’s 40 Stories feature is an international company with Pittsburgh roots. An IT service provider and Microsoft Gold partner, Sycor focuses on end-to-end implementations, primarily with SAP. They have a staff of around 50 in their Pittsburgh headquarters, who are supported by a German branch with roughly 500 employees spread across Europe.

Sycor helps “mom-and-pop” companies grow organically by providing much-needed IT support throughout digital transformation. True to their slogan, they give IT a face by personalizing solutions for companies in a multitude of scenarios.

The Tech Council’s Sheena Carroll recently spoke with Max Muzik, Microsoft Dynamics Senior Consultant at Sycor, about his experiences as a Council member and where he sees the future of local tech. Muzik, who has been featured in our media previously, told us about Sycor, their customers, and his reasons for joining the Pittsburgh Tech Council.

SC: Who are your typical customers?

MUZIK: We go across a lot of industries, but our bread and butter would be in the heavy equipment industries. We also do manufacturing - we have a couple of steel manufacturing companies that we work with, and a few different consumer goods.

One of the biggest industries we’re into is the rental industry. We are Microsoft partner. As part of that, we have our own development team that has done some work in making really cool solutions for companies that do rentals.

SC: Where would you like to see the future of tech in Pittsburgh?

MUZIK: I was listening to a podcast, and they were talking about how cities like Austin and Columbus are blowing up. I'd love to see Pittsburgh's name thrown into that mix. We already have some headquarters of major companies in the area. But there's no reason that can't keep on growing. We have a beautiful city. I think that it's really attractive, especially with the universities that we have in the area. It’d be great to see our name thrown in with other tech giants around the country.

SC: Why did you join the Pittsburgh Technology Council?

MUZIK: To get our name out there to be able to let people know that, hey, Sycor is here in Pittsburgh. We're doing business here. But at the same time, we also love what you guys do, giving companies the platform to be able to showcase their skill set, and to really get their names out there and help them grow. We love that. I want to keep supporting that as well.

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