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TEQ Hub: ATHENA 2023 Recipients and Finalists

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The Pittsburgh Technology Council honored the Pittsburgh region’s most influential women at the 2023 ATHENA Awards Program of Greater Pittsburgh event on September 8, 2023.

Two recognitions are presented at its annual luncheon: the traditional ATHENA Award—which since 1990 has celebrated women who demonstrate excellence in their profession, contribute to their community, and mentor others—and the ATHENA Young Professional Award—created in 2011 to highlight a woman age 35 or younger who dedicates her time and talent to helping other women and girls to thrive. Meet this year's group of recipients and finalists.

How Women Are Shaping the Future of Learning!

The world of academia has long been dominated by men, but as society evolves and traditional gender roles continue to be broken down, we are seeing more and more women at the forefront of education. Female educators and researchers are pushing boundaries, challenging convention and paving the way for future generations. See who's leading the way.

40 Stories Features Kelly Fetick of Landis Consulting

Founded by sisters Kelly Fetick and Carrie Peiffer in 2016, Landis Consulting Group is dedicated to building the workforce of tomorrow. A staffing firm with an exclusively tech-driven network, Landis seeks to meet the region’s growing demand for emerging tech and tech-forward skillsets.

The Tech Council’s Jonathan Kersting recently spoke with Fetick about her journey with Landis and her thoughts on Pittsburgh’s growth. Here's what she had to say.

Health Care Redesign Expo Showcases Pittsburgh Safety Tech Innovators

How would you deploy cutting edge technology, out-of-the-box thinking, and interdisciplinary perspectives to reshape longstanding safety issues plaguing today's patients? Thirty graduate students and innovators spent the summer focused on that very challenge, participating in the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF)'s Patient Safety Challenge Fellowship that culminated with the Health Care Redesign Expo and Award Ceremony on August 14 at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh. The event featured 12 project teams competing for a $5,000 grand prize for the most compelling safety idea to transform care. Read more here.

TEQ Hub Sponsors Make It Happen!

Digital Bridge: The NASA T2X Program

NASA has a long history of finding new, innovative uses for its space and aeronautics technologies. In fact, many of today’s commercial products like memory foam, baby formula, invisible braces and the dust buster started with NASA technology.

Listen and learn how Catalyst Connection is partnering with the NASA Glenn Research Center to sponsor the NASA T2X Program.

On Sept. 29, Thomas Doehne from NASA’s Office of Technology Incubation and Innovation will discuss the process of how local organizations can access the wealth of NASA’s technology for commercial and research applications.

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